• I thoroughly enjoyed the Space School program. I have had an amazing experience by being provided with numerous opportunities and learning fascinating information on areas I am extremely interested in. I have become informed on a variety of aspects of space engineering, such as cryogenics and the technology that is being developed for future missions to Mars. My overall experience has been further enhanced by the incredible people who have been involved alongside me, from our supervisors, to the many new friends I have made. I have loved everyday of Space School and I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

    Georgia, Year 10 Student at Loreto Kirribilli New South Wales
  •  Because he (Dr Leroy Chiao) was so inspirational and encouraged me to continue striving for what I want.”

    Amelia, Year 12 Student at Santa Sabina College New South Wales
  •   It was amazing, I did not only learn about the world of space and all the people associated with it, I learnt a lot about how to succeed and to work hard and most of all I had one of the most reliable experience in my life.”

    Emily, Year 11 Student at Loreto Mandeville Hall Victoria
  •  Dr H Paul was so inspirational and she showed how successful a women can be in a previously male dominated field.”

    Emma, Year 11 Student at Santa Sabina College New South Wales


  •  My daughter definitely had a most enjoyable and memorable learning experience.  I would definitely recommend Actura (iVicon Australia) and Space School to all.  The expedition completely opened her eyes to STEM based experiences which hopefully will inspire her to move towards a career in a STEM based industry.  Hopefully it showed to her that girls can be whatever they want to be and that no career is gender specific.”

    Sharon Solomon, Parent of Year 9 student at St Margaret's Anglican Girls School Queensland
  •  Josh had an amazing experience and has grown in confidence and independence."

    Catherine Knott, Parent of Year 7 student at Wesley College Victoria
  •  Fantastic experience for our daughter. She loved every minute of it. The trip made her aware of the endless possibilities with a career in STEM.”

    Emma Every, Parent of Year 8 student at Wesley College Victoria
  • We can't speak highly enough of the program itself and of our daughter's experience. It more than lived up to her expectations. The only negative has been her sadness on adjusting to 'life after NASA' but that too is part of life.”

    Celia Sheldon, Parent of Year 8 student at Loreto Kirribilli New South Wales


  •  The 7 Habits are a terrific concept to teach students."

    Lisa O'Donnell, Teacher at John Paul College Queensland
  •  Thoroughly enjoyed. Exceeded expectations. Well run and organised.”

    Christopher Hook, Teacher at Loreto Kirribilli New South Wales
  • A wonderful experience that was highly engaging and inspiring. Thank you for this opportunity. It was fantastic!”

    Melissa Musgrove, Teacher at Canberra Girls Grammar School ACT
  •  A valuable experience that has inspired many students to purse STEM.”

    Rosanne Sukkar, Teacher at Santa Sabina College New South Wales

Image source: nasa.gov