Accredited Robotic Curriculum

Accredited Robotic Curriculum


November Edition

The CASE Robotic Curriculum is a University of California (UC) approved College Preparatory course. UC approval demonstrates the curriculum is of high academic standards, to prepare students for university-level studies. Educators are assured that through independent evaluation the CASE Robotic Curriculum delivers content to rigorous internationally-recognized standards.

The CASE Robotic Curriculum offers three different course options for students to get involved in robotics utilizing the FlipRobot Learning Solution. These courses introduce students to robotics by providing real-world scenarios that require critical thinking and design thinking skills to solve real-world problems. 

UC approval ensures quality and credibility within the structure and content of the CASE Robotic Curriculum.

Educators and students can be assured that by following the UC approved CASE Robotic Curriculum, students will develop the skills and knowledge, which will be recognized in the academic and professional world.