Post 3 – 50th Anniversary of Earthrise

50th Anniversary of Earthrise


December 2018 Edition

This December marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 8’s launch to the Moon and the iconic ‘Earthrise’ photograph captured on that lunar mission.  

Photo taken aboard Apollo 8 by Bill Anders
In much the same way that astronauts return to Earth with a profoundly changed vision of Earth and humanity, that photograph gave humans their first glimpse of Earth from space and it has had a profound influence on many.   

Nicole Stott, astronaut, artist and special advisor to CASE Space School, shares her passions for space and art with children around the world through her Space for Art Foundation.  For Nicole, the Earthrise image symbolizes unity, and, through art, she found a unique way to spread a powerful unifying message of hope around the world. 

Recently, Space for Art Foundation invited heroic children around the world to participate in their ‘Earthrise ~ Spaceship Earth’ project. This project honours the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 8 Moon mission and the iconic Earthrise image the astronauts took of our home planet rising above the horizon of the Moon on Christmas Eve 1968.  

Nicole explained: “’Earthrise ~ Spaceship Earth’ brings together artwork painted by hospitalised children to celebrate the unifying message of the photo – in this one image is the ‘who and where’ we all are. Children create something beautiful and meaningful together with an understanding of the very special place they share with each other here on Spaceship Earth.” 

Through Actura, CASE recently hosted two Earthrise events in Sydney on behalf of the Space for Art Foundation.  Children at Children’s Hospital Randwick and Bear Cottage in Manly were invited to paint their Earthrise interpretations.  Space-themed Party Day at the Children’s Hospital this year was the perfect setting, where around 50 children took the opportunity to paint an Earthrise.  Bear Cottage held two Earthrise painting events during the Spring school holidays ensuring patients and their friends and family could take part in the action.   
‘Earthrise’ at Children’s Hospital Randwick
‘Earthrise’ at Bear Cottage in Manly

Their paintings will now be part of the ‘Earthrise Art Show’ launching at Kennedy Space Center, Florida on December 21st and then touring the USA.  The art show is part of the Apollo 8 50th Anniversary celebrations hosted by the astronauts Nicole Stott, Leland Melvin, Anousheh Ansari and Ron Garan. “This event will mark the launch of a worldwide movement, motivated by their experience in space, to inspire hope and positive change to ensure our planet is a thriving home for all”.