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October 2019 Edition 1

OneWorld Robotics Competition – Volunteers Needed

We are excited to be staging the OneWorld Robotics Competition which will bring together students from around the world, competing to solve the real-world problems of our future through the application of robotics.


FlipFun Mars Rover Trailblazer Challenge

In early September, Actura assisted Kambala Girls School, located at New South Head Road at Rose Bay, to successfully run a three-day FlipFun Mars Trailblazer Program.


August 2019 Edition 1

Product Demonstration at Loreto Normanhurst

Recently on the 29th July, FlipRobot Business Manager, Lucas Watson and Actura Account Manager Ainslie Rockall-Mills visited Loreto Normanhurst. It was a great session introducing the teachers to FlipRobot. The teachers were taught to use variable control boards and Flipcode to program a smart self-driving robot. The teachers that participated were intrigued to use infrared sensors to program a magic line-tracing robot.



New Staff Introduction – Grace Diprose

Grace comes from a background of digital transformation across media, ICT, retail and the logistics industries. She specialises in user engagement and change management. Grace calls herself a digital all-rounder with an entrepreneurial spirit.


July 2019 Edition 1

FlipRobot Robotic Arm Introduction

Robotics can have great industrial applications. The Robotic Arm Extension Kit will allow students to learn and apply the robotic arm mechanics to create solutions to real life challenges.


July 2019 Edition 1 Robotic Arm 650 420

New Actura FlipRobot Account Manager for Singapore

We are pleased to announce that Dolly Chean has joined the Actura team as a our FlipRobot account manager looking after Singapore.


June 2019 Edition 2

FlipRobot Little Drummer Introduction

Robotics can be applied in many different industries. With the Little Drummer Extension Kit, students can discover the application of robotics in the production of percussive sound. They can also form a band with robots to unleash their musical talent and creativity.


June 2019 Edition 2 Little Drummer 650 420

New Actura FlipRobot Account Manager for Victoria

We are pleased to announce that Jin Jiang has joined the Actura team as a our FlipRobot account manager looking after Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania.


Jin Jiang 650 420

June 2019 Edition 1

FlipRobot Dancing Robot Introduction

Bionics is essential for future robotic development in completing complex tasks. With the SA2 Topic 1 Dancing Robot Extension Kit, students will start their journey in learning the world of bionics by programming unique bipedal movement.


Dancing robot 650 400

FlipRobot is in Singapore Now!

I’m very proud to announce that our FlipRobot is officially in Singapore now! As the result of the recent great effort from our new FlipRobot team in Singapore, we have made significant market development progress within the local market there.


June 2019 Edition 1 FR in Singapore Now 650 420

New Actura FlipRobot Business Manager

We are pleased to announce that Lucas Watson has been promoted to FlipRobot Business Manager looking after the FlipRobot sales team.


May 2019 Edition 2

Introducing the New FlipDuino App for Windows OS and macOS

Backed by strong demands from schools, Actura has now introduced the new exciting FlipDuino App for Windows OS and macOS. With the new FlipDuino app, students can learn how to create Arduino script program to command their FlipRobot. Students can use it on macOS (High Sierra 10.9.5 and above), or Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.


May 2019 Edition 2 Duino_550 400

FlipRobot Workshops – The Link Between Theory and Practice

At the beginning of this year, Actura wanted to provide a means by which teachers could get a hands-on experience with FlipRobot but in a format that could fit into their busy schedules. From this, Actura developed our FlipRobot 2-Hour Initial Workshop. This workshop was developed to provide teachers with not only practical applications for FlipRobot, but also ideas on how FlipRobot can be used in their classroom.


Meet Nerilee Chen – Marketing and Communications Specialist

Nerilee has just commenced as the Marketing and Communications Specialist at Actura Australia….


Nerilee Photo